Sometimes, finding a partner to share the rest of one’s life with may not be as self-determined as we thought it would be–it may be the luck of the draw, finding the person whose needs or wants match with our timing in a real world romantic version of musical chairs.  Does that person whom we end up with at the time with the music stops become more appealing and acceptable simply because we are ready?  Is it less Hollywood romance movie and more a matter of biology, practicality, and timing?

We would like to think that we would know whom we end up with but time uncovers the truth and we then discover whether we have found ourselves in ideal or favorable predicaments? Does it matter though by the time the decision becomes irreversible or at the very least, difficult to reverse.  It is hard to say going into a marriage or a permanent romantic partnership with someone and judging by the present set of circumstances what the longstanding effects would be and it becomes almost a matter of chance whom we end up with.

Whether or not we wish to acknowledge it, everything in life is ephemeral and unpredictable.  No matter how devious or calculating we may attempt to be, we would never really be able to outsmart life or our own karma.  We have little or no control over many facets of our life and it’s a sobering realization as we watch our peers, family, and friends get married that whom we end up marrying is the luck of the draw–of course, it goes without saying that we must do the best with what comes.

(c) Niconica 2013