If we think that receiving a gift from someone is a pleasant experience with no strings attached, then we must be invited to come up to speed with the convoluted complexity of the world.  Since ancient times, human nature is as such that we love receiving gifts and this can be a way to create a sense of obligation by the giver for us to reciprocate in some way whether it be in kind or through another way.

We would like to think that people give without expecting anything in return but we should give a leeway for a gift to have so many things attached that it would be better not to accept it in the first place.  Context is always necessary for the giving and receiving of tokens and this must be taken into account when we are given any favours, items, or advantages. It may not always be as simple as we think.

Many manipulative people have risen to the top through strategically giving gifts to the right people at the right time and this has to be kept in mind especially with dealing with unethical and unsavoury characters who would not think twice about using us for their own ends. We must keep in mind that the giver of the gifts is perhaps even more important than the gift itself, because we get blinded by what glitters and appeals to us.

If the giver is of questionable repute or intent, then it would not be too far to assume that the gift would be equally or even more tainted.

(c) Niconica 2013