So when it happens that we have been once again ignored or otherwise rejected by the person who has caught our fancies, we may experience several or all of these emotions: self-pity, anger, and denial. It’s all well and good to go through the stages of grief once in a while when it comes to unrequited love but when it has become a repetitive experience already, we must ask ourselves the hard question before going into bitterness: Am I so starved for attention, love, and validation that any gesture of friendship or pleasantly coming from the object of my affection becomes misconstrued as reciprocation of our romantic interest?

The movie in our mind, while amusing, comforting, and seeming all too real, could benefit from a reality check esiscially when it bleeds through into our actions in real life. We may be so caught up in fantasy that we cannot discern fact from fiction with regards to the biased perception of the interaction with the beloved. They might not even be rejection is as much as just carrying on with their lives without an inkling for whatever emotional torment we are experiencing.

We should not begrudge them our own misinterpretation of their being friendly or nice towards us. Not should we hold them accountable for our perceived rejection as well as their being true to their own nature. Perhaps the other side of this heartbreak and rejection is that, we were so eager for love, attention, and/or validation, that we read too much into things and are suffering as a consequence of our own error.

(c) Niconica 2013