The wide-eyed idealism which kept us in its thrall during our early twenties as we emerged from the rebellious teen years will be sorely tested and destroyed after at least three decades of existence when we realize that the notion that we can determine our fate is a limited one because there are many things which are beyond our control.  

It is said in Buddhism that the nature of human existence is such–plagued by constant change, uncertainty, and suffering.  We acknowledge the truth in this yet we do not fail to be surprised or shocked when people around us suddenly fall ill or die.  Another relative has been rushed to the ICU again and it is jarring because one minute, everything seems like it is going well, and the next minute, everything can be swept out from under us. 

The feeling of calm and peace is only there until, it is not.  Last year was punctuated by many upheavals, and just when I thought that perhaps this year might be different, here we go again.  It got me to thinking about how luck runs out and how it affects our lives.  Of course, luck is a cavalier way of putting it because luck is not accidental.

Even chaos theory perpetuates that there is some order in what appears to be utter chaos and this is the same way with good and bad luck which we perceive we experience.  Good fortune is not capriciously bestowed by a God or a pantheon of gods randomly, and the same goes for misfortune.  We are far enough into the age of science that we know that everything which happens is caused by other phenomenon.  Every single effect has a cause.  

This is the same way with good health, luck, and fortune.  These pleasant experiences are a result of good merit which we have acquired in this lifetime or perhaps previous lifetimes if we do so believe in reincarnation.  There is a time lapse between cause and effect at times so it is not always the case that doing a good deed immediately yields a positive result but we can be sure that any action which we undertake is not lost in the cosmos. 

When we observe that one’s luck is running out, it is simply because one is running low on the factors which cause good luck or health, which are merits accrued through good deeds and helping others; consequently, the unpleasant circumstances arise due to the negative seeds which have been planted in the past.  We know that seeds do not immediately sprout into plants or trees, and it takes certain causes and conditions, as well as time, so see the growth of the plant coming into fruition and it is the same way with ‘luck’ as we designate it.

When one’s luck appears to be running low or running out, it might be a wake up call to replenish the lucky currency which is good karma or merits which can be accumulated through helping others and alleviating others’ suffering.  This is a way to keep some control over circumstances in our lives even if the past cannot be altered and we might have to reap what we have sown, it need not be the case that what we reap should always be negative.  It is upon us to decide and make a choice now as to what our future might be–whether in this life, or the next.

(c) Niconica 2013