When the situation is not healthy anymore, we are advised to walk away and move forward and we know that this advise holds water… Yet we find ourselves stuck and rooted in our unpleasant predicament and we are unable to walk away–even if it is for our own good.

There are various reasons why we are unable to do so. It may be that we are too weak to turn our backs on the situation compounded by an almost delusional belief that of we stay longer or work harder that the tides would turn to our favor and allow us to receive what we most badly desire.

Perhaps we can consider this to be some sort of temporary disease–emotional paralysis which needs to be addressed and which hopefully we would be able to find a cure for in due time. Just like any illness, when we are struck by it, we must do our best to prevail and take due precaution to survive the storm.

After a while, we can only but hope that we would be able to overcome this condition and recuperate enough to live and love again another day.

(c) Niconica 2013