In this increasingly busy and complex world where constant movement and action is abound, being helpless is one of the worst circumstances to find ourselves in–and this applies most especially in the realm of romance.  We can only do as much because beyond a certain point, we would be stalker quality already–and this is not a designation we should find ourselves with or even come close to being.

We can keep on seeking a reaction from the person whom we fancy by reaching out through messaging or even phone calls, but there is a point where we must stop working so hard because it might be that the person is just not that interested in us and yet unable to rudely dismiss and reject us and they find themselves having to endure our bids for their attention.

We cannot force anyone to fancy us or to regard us in a mutually romantic manner–as much as we wish we could–short of a love spell, which is not worth the trouble it eventually causes. Yes, we must admit that this situation–when we fall for someone–puts us in a vulnerable position and we are wont to feel helpless in the throes of limerence or romantic affection for a person.

We might as well acknowledge the undesirability of finding ourselves in the embarrassing position of feeling that our love is unrequited–as well as the excruciating pain of feeling helpless. Yet, we must not do anything to force their hand; because it behooves us to respect ourselves in this manner.

Therefore, if they do so choose to come forward and respond to or initiate contact, we would then know that it is of their own volition, and not because we have trapped, guilted, or otherwise manipulated them into doing so.  If they don’t, then we must bear and grin the unfortunate situation because the truth is that most things are out of our control, and the sooner that we accept this painful fact, the sooner we can move on with our lives.

(c) Niconica 2013