A situation in which no progress is possible


We find the definition of impasse above and when applied in a romantic context, it can be a very disconcerting and frustrating experience.  This blog post is a continuation from the previous post where we find ourselves in the void of emptiness and possibility–where we are caught between walking away completely and the painful anticipation.

There are many games we can employ in the romantic arena but we get to a certain point in our lives where, the direct and most authentic approach is applied in the interest of being time-efficient.  We can only do or say so much–and then it’s this period of stillness where we either have to start the painful process of grieving for an unrequited love or we wait for the other person to make up their minds about us–or get to the right frame of mind to figure out how they feel.

Despite intense feelings and attraction towards a certain person, we find ourselves restrained by the situation because there are some particular situations when no additional words need to be said or can be said anymore without serious detriment to our image.  This standstill becomes the mirror where we face our feelings in all its stark reality and sit with it until the situation resolves itself somehow–whether through direct or indirect rejection or through other more favourable circumstances.

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