There are some situations, especially in the context of romance, that we can only go so far–especially when we are seriously interested in the person.  In such cases, restraint is required, and when the situation presents itself that we are able to put the ball in the court of the other and it becomes their move.  This is when we will find out whether they are just being polite, friendly, or if they are really interested in us–if they take the initiative of contacting us and making the time to keep their word and establishing contact.

This impasse where possibilities lie is one of the most crucial turning points in a possible relationship.  If the other does not take the step towards us… We must acknowledge the painful fact that despite all our overtures and attempts, they were merely reacting to our stimuli as opposed to actively responding and mutually interacting with us. This is where we find out where we really stand after all the enjoyable friendly interactions.  This is where we know where the next step is.

And so, we wait. It’s their move.

(c) Niconica 2013