It cannot be denied that life is increasingly more intricate and complex now than it has been before. Inasmuch as we enjoy the benefits of the connectivity of social media and the quick information access on the Internet, it has become that much harder to thrive in a dynamic and complicated world. It would be narcissistic to assume that we can survive and excel individually in our careers.

One cannot possess all the necessary skill sets to excel in every facet of our endeavour and it would greatly benefit is to be humble enough to recognise this truth and consider collaborating with different experts in their fields. Contrary to the previous beliefs that collaboration might take away the integrity or our creations or take away the spotlight from us… True collaboration can only make everything richer–that is if we fortunately find like minded and compatible individuals or groups to collaborate with.

There is a delicate balance between standing our own ground and being able to relinquish control where it is required and it is this skill which we must learn to develop in order to experience the richness of being able to benefit and enjoy other’s perspectives together with our own. The growth this experience provides for our souls is amazing if we dare give it a try.

(c) Niconica 2013