Whether we like it or not, who we choose to surround ourselves with reflect who we are. People who can stay long within each other’s energy fields usually have similar or compatible energy. This applies to people whom we keep company with in both our personal and work life.

Judging the quality of whom we are with should not be based on external attributes such as good looks or wealth but on something more substantial–character and integrity. After a period of time, their beliefs and outlook in life will influence or affect is and this must not be taken lightly because it would affect the person we will become, the choices we will make, and the future we will mold through our decisions.

We must endeavour to surround ourselves with good and kind people who transforming us into someone better and we must avoid people who weigh on us and are a detriment to our psychological and emotional wellbeing. This applies to even family members and long time friends.

If we are in the company of dishonest people long enough, lies start becoming more and more acceptable or at lead tolerable and eventually we find our moral compass being compromised. It does not happen drastically so we may not be able to tell exactly when we start finding less than ethical behaviour tolerable but it will happen if we stay within the energy fields of such characters.

The next time we find ourselves criticising the company we keep, must must examine whether their flaws are something which we will be pleased to exhibit as well because such character deficiencies are contagious over time and we might wish to distance ourselves from such people in order to preserve our sanity and moral character.

The next time you start badmounthing your closest friends, be aware that sooner or later these characteristics will rub off on you. Can you live with it? If not, try to seek better company. Be in the vicinity of people who are truly kind, compassionate, and generous and you might even learn a thing or two–and hopefully move closer to bettering the world and if not, at least not causing harm to it.

(c) Niconica 2013