Societal expectations honed by historical or traditional beliefs may not be quite apt for present circumstances. It has always been assumes that the chief purpose of marriage is to create a family through procreation. It would seem that simply being a married couple does not suffice in the long run through society’s eyes unless children are added onto the equation and it is by virtue of having offspring that a couple then can say that they now have a family. However this notion is quisling and should be reexamined.

I believe that a couple can be considered to be a family too–though people would prefer to label it as “a childless family” if we were to insist that the childless couple is a family. It is unfair for people to arbitrarily designate such labels based on the ability or willingness to procreate.

When we marry someone, we invite them to be our family and it in itself should be valued for what it is–a sacred partnership without the additional pressure of requiring them to procreate for the sake of being considered “normal” or “acceptable” because the ability to mate and conceive should not be the defining factor of a couple in a permanent partnership.

The world is sorely overpopulated and it would be refreshing if people honestly assessed the ecological effects of yet bringing another being into the world as well as the sacrifices and responsibilities which come with it. And if a couple is unable to or do not want to have children, their eco-friendly decision should be respected.

It occurs to me that abortion is abhorred by religious disciplines because it is seen as akin to mirder and that mere human beings should not be the ones to decide the snuff out a human life but on the other hand, artificially creating life through test tube babies and in-vitro fertilization is widely accepted or even encouraged. If it is the province of God to create or destroy life, and by this respect. We are strongly discouraged from playing God through taking away a life whether it be via murder, suicide, or abortion. Yet it is strange that we feel that it is acceptable to play God and create life artificially.

It is al all well and good if a couple decide to have children and are able to conceive their own or alternatively adopt children yet this should not be what a couple is judged by or expected to do. There is and should be more to marriage than simply raising children and ensuring the continuity of one’s own gene pool. It should not be the case that simply because people possess reproductive organs that they should be compelled to use it to to create.

There should be room for respecting different view points and ways of life and couples who choose not to procreate or adopt should not be made to feel that there is something wrong with them. It is better that they are self-aware of their preference and love happy lives rather than giving into societal pressure and creating children towards whom they might not be worthy parents.

(c) Niconica 2013