When I was in my teen years I always marveled at the penchant of “adults” in their thirties for sticking to the tried and tested and I did not understand why they wanted to play it safe. Now that in one of those “adults”, I look at young people and marvel at how they still have the courage to take chances and try new things.

It’s funny how a bit more than a decade changes our perspective and the decisions that we make. Sometimes I wish that I had that sense if wonder, idealism, and enthusiasm again but far too many life events will prevent that from easily occurring. I realize that playing it safe is not necessarily our of fear but out of a justified sense of cautioning that impulsive decisions can be costly in the long run and one’s health and stamina might not be as ample as in the teen years to recover from expected and unexpected setbacks.

I felt sorry for the older people when I was younger I felt they were boring and missing out on life. I didn’t realize that perhaps with more years under their belt, they appear that way because they know better. Popular culture extols youth but while I may feel some nostalgia, I am grateful for the polishing that the years have offered and I realize that what is not apparent with the aging bodies is the wisdom and insight acquired through experience and that is even more beautiful because character and depth are more ensuring qualities than external attributes.

Perhaps the younger generation see us and feel sorry for how we seem to be dowdy or too responsible, but I see it as being further down the road in the quest to gain more wisdom. As with many things, what is most valuable is not apparent to the eye and this is why snap surface judgements are usually discouraged.

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