Someone who is serially unable to be contacted via mobile phone, landline, social media, or carrier pigeons would not be ideal candidates for a relationship, much less a fruitful career-related venture. The typical excuse is that “creative” typed are flighty, moody, and unreliable. This is not an acceptable excuse because it undercuts the reliable creative professionals.

Creativity should not be used as a crutch or an excuse for being unprofessional. In fact, it should be the opposite–that they have to be more reliable and reachable to be able to reach the goals they are aspiring. No matter how talented and artistic a person is, they sell themselves short when they are unpredictable and unreachable and fall under the radar, especially when there is a deadline due.

The appreciation for the work or relationship delivered is depreciated every time resentment builds over being unable to contact the person to make plans or to even coordinate simple matters. The only times when being flaky may be excused would be if there were an emergency, an accident, or a grave illness.

A person should return messages within the same day just to show respect for the partner or the colleague one is dealing with. If the same old excuses come up and the person falls under the radar too often, unable to be traced, it would mar one’s credibility whether in a personal or business relationship and eventually trust would erode and the “creative” type would be labelled as the boy who cried wolf and eventually not be taken seriously by their partner or colleagues who would learn to not consider the flaky person when making plans anymore and eventually it would get to the point where one would know better and avoid the unreliable person altogether.

As a creative type, one would be considered as good as one’s latest creation and if one eventually loses the trust of colleagues or one’s partner, and lose the opportunity to showcase pne’s creations, talents, or goodwill altogether. In this case, what would being a “moody” artistic genius achieve except to effectively be isolated from people who know better not to take the creative person’s word anymore.

(c) Niconica 2013