In the olden days prior the the invention of electricity, life was difficult in many ways but yet it was more simple. Marriage was a matter of course and it was the norm–probably because there was less to do and less people to ick from as well as the fact that women were considered little more than property.

Now that it has been decades since women have been allowed to vote, hold jobs, and have the same rights as men under the law, women are still held back by cultural expectations of marriage and motherhood–and in fact many women also actively participate and uphold these expectations towards themselves and other fellow women.

We all like the idea of Prince/Princess Charming and a happily ever after but it is not to say that if we do not find our mate that it becomes a statement of who we are. There should be more to a woman’s existence than marriage or motherhood if they so choose. This is not to say that the great sacrifice motherhood entails is less noble, but it simply means that marriage and motherhood should not be viewed as mandatory for every human being who posses a uterus.

There should be more to life than mere reproductive function if a women does so choose and labeling someone a “shrew” or an “old maid” propagates the unfair pressure for women to get married and results in many regrettable decisions because we know that many who enter the state of matrimony for the wrong reasons are uneasy with their decisions and this results in unhappiness–whether sublimated or manifested.

There are enough people populating the world–in fact, there is more than enough. It should not then be requisite to be compelled to find permanent mates for every “unfortunate” singleton we come across because mankind has already multiplied more than enough for the earth’s resources to sustain and it would be better to allow and respect people who happen to be single and who choose to be single instead of propagating the belief that there must be necessarily something wrong with anyone who is not coupled up.

Everyone has their own paths to take and these are different times from the ones where getting married was necessary for the survival of women because they had no rights or income of their own to speak of. We must pay attention to the signs of the times and follow the natural flow of destiny because the social stigma associated with being unmarried and of a certain age causes many to “settle” for someone they feel lukewarm about just for the sale of settling and this would cause a lot of personal psychological and emotional issues for the person which then affects their future offspring or current partner negatively and causes a ripple effect to future generations which then affects the quality of the human psyche the the future.

For the sake of a better future, we must then pay attention to the tendencies and decisions of today.

(c) Niconica 2013