We are all unhappy in our own ways and we often make the mistake of seeking relief from our suffering through external methods. It’s easier to blame someone else, purchase medicine/equipment/products, or seek help from others than it is to take responsibility for our own lives and actions and focus on internal improvement.

We might have noticed that all external pursuits have either been short-lives or fruitless and why do we keep on doing the same thing and expecting different results. If what we are doing isn’t working, it is logical to seek an alternative means instead of repeating the same pattern and ridiculously still have the gall to be surprised when it still doesn’t yield the results we desire.

All external approaches will not measure up to the efficacy of looking inwards and changing our own minds and attitude for the better. The minute that we are able to hold positive thoughts and recognize correct cognitive habits and implement them, we start going towards a more positive direction in a solid and reliable way as compared to relying on other people or things which may change their minds or deteriorate/disappear, respectively.

We must not waste the human advantage of being able to change, adapt, and make choices determining our path and development on frivolous and superficial pursuits, which is not to say that we are not allowed to have fun and indulge our inner child, but merely to be able to make time to prioritize our inner development because it from being able to tame and train our minds that we would gradually be able to overcome negative habits of anger, hate, and jealousy.

Once we make a commitment towards positive inner self development, the rest of our external self follows because it us our minds which decides and makes choices which our body acts upon and of the mind is calm and reliable and able to act with wisdom, it would follow that the external self would be in a better place as well and perhaps this is a manner in which we may be able to avoid running in circles and allowing ourselves to be swept away by anger, hate, and jealousy which result in trying to find a scapegoat to direct our hostility towards.

The moment we stop running in circles and stand in place and look inwards and attempt to improve ourselves, a whole world of positive potential opens up. Walk forward. Look inward.

(c) Niconica 2013