There’s a fine line between having high expectations and unrealistic expectations–especially when it comes to picking our lifetime partners. We know that no one is perfect and yet we seem to seek perfection in selecting our mates–and we have the gall to be surprised when they disappoint us or when we disappoint ourselves by being unable to find a person who matches those ideals we have painted in our minds.

In an ideal world, we might be able to specify and perhaps create a mate to suit our exacting specifications, but in this world, we have to work with what is existing and the options which we are presented. Finding a partner is not an easy task during the best of times because it is not an empirical process and it requires mutual selection by both parties involved. Considering the odds, it would be benefit us to get out of our own way and examine our predicament with both feet on the ground.

We must narrow the must-have qualities in our prospective mate to the truly essential ones which would contribute to the endurance of the relationship and be less stringent about the superficial qualities which usually involve judging someone solely based on their appearances because physical attractiveness deteriorates over time and it is the inner qualities which allow for a more fulfilling partnership which is nurtured by both people and grows to its full potential. Think about it.

(c) Niconica 2013