There are so many misunderstandings which arise from both what is said and what is left unsaid that we cannot be flippant about the manner in which we communicate whether verbally or in writing. It pays to be clear and specific that we say what we mean and we mean what we say.

In avoiding ambiguity and misleading statements, we show that we respect ourselves and the other and we therefore do not want to play mind games with them. Before we react based on our fleeting thoughts and unreliable perceptions, it would be good to clarify what is said and what was meant and double check whether we are reacting to the correct information.

Playing mind games and expecting the other to know what we want telepathically is unrealistic and immature and it sets up the other person for failure because unless they are psychic or have some sort of intense soul mate connection with you, chances are they wouldn’t know exactly what you want and why.

Pride gets in the way of relaying sentiments at times because we don’t want to have to explain ourselves and it may sound that we are belabouring the conversation but in the interest of honesty, openness, and fairness, this is the only way that we would be able to give the other person the correct idea and an opportunity to respond and interact with us in a manner which we can build on and move forward together.

The media bombards us with unrealistic expectations of relationships and friendships and we sometimes find ourselves feeling disappointed that we will not be able to meet these unrealistic standards and it is on this basis that we try told mold our behaviour to confirm to the supposed majority and in the process we compromise our identity and this complex predicament contributes to our further inability to conmunicate with others in a direct, clear, and specific manner and we lose out on authentic connections by trying to measure up to a standard of perfection which only exist in fiction.

We must learn to be real and humble enough to cut through the rubbish and express our authentic selves to be able to have the chance of developing a genuine connection with each other. Easier said than done, of course. We risk making mistakes and being vulnerable but each sincere attempt brings us closer to our goal of authentic mutual connections.

(c) Niconica 2013