Taking the risk and confessing our feelings doesn’t always yield the result we wanted. After finding out that our feelings are unrequited, we cannot help but feel hurt, angry, and humiliated and eventually we lick our wounds and find our footing once again and if we were to be honest with ourselves, all that has transpired does not change our feelings for the person if our romantic feelings were genuine in the first place and also if we are friends with the person we fancy and yes, it would be prudent to stay away and even better if you run as far away as possible from the person who has inadvertently hurt you by not requiting your affections and still holds the potential of being able to further inflict pain just by virtue of being ‘just friends’ with us.

A far stronger person would probably be doing the right thing by finding ways to get over the person which would be achieved more easily by not maintaining continuous contact with the person we like, but sometimes we find ourselves rooted to where we are, unable to move away from the flame which threatens to consume us and yet unable to move closer. And we, in a manner of speaking, pathetically continue pretending that we have taken the rejection in stride and allow ourselves further avenues for being hurt by this particular person.

If we were to be honest, even rejection does not alter our feelings for the person though it pinches at our heart to remind ourselves of the door which has closed. And we find out what being vulnerable entails–a huge dose of gracefulness and maturity which needs to accompany it in order to prevent us from making bigger fools of ourselves.

And if the person we like is mature enough and still wishes to pursue a friendship, we might find that things continue as they did before as though the whole episode of admitting our feelings to them has not occurred and sometimes we ourselves wonder whether it did happen as we marvel at the resiliency of the friendship and the normalcy which has resumed and this begs the question: What lies ahead for us and will we survive being just friends? Or will this eventually lead to the previously assumed predicament where we will drift away from the person we fancy for our self-preservation so that we don’t allow ourselves to remain in a situation where prolonged vulnerability would cause more pain that is warranted.

(c) Niconica 2013