The minute we act upon our assumptions we step in a slippery slope where we have an equal chance of being way off base and an equal chance of being spot on, and in the realm if human interaction this 50/50 probability would inevitably cause miscommunication and misunderstandings.

When we assume that we are correct and make inferences of others’ intentions and act upon these assumptions as though they were true, we do ourselves and others a great injustice because we did not pause to investigate and analyze the facts by calmly asking for a clarification from the person before jumping into our own conclusions.

How many times have we leaped into anger and emerged with our tail between our legs because we realized that we had jumped into particular conclusions which are innacurate? How much heartache and ill will could we have avoided if we had not taken our assumptions as the truth and instead, given the other person the benefit of the doubt and analyzed our misgivings and the causes of them and relayed them in an equanimous manner where we genuinely sought to understand the other person’s point of view?

If we are lucky enough that the person concerned is levelheaded, open minded , and straightforward enough to participate in a dialogue with us, we might reach a mutual understanding which would foster goodwill and cooperation and encourage us to think twice before we rely on our own possibly faulty perceptions, assumptions, and conclusions.

(c) Niconica 2013