I’ve been a bit remiss with posting during the previous year owing to various personal events which I’ve had to attend to immediately. I can say it has been a year of challenges last year and the year could not have ended soon enough.

A relative passed away and another two relatives fell seriously ill within the span of a few months and it has been rather overwhelming and I have not been able to write as much as I wanted.

I realise now that perhaps if I did write blog posts daily then it might have helped me process all the experiences or express them in some way so that the pain does not eat them inside.

For me, blogging is not a literal personal diary which chronicles events during the day without editing but it is a process of digesting and processing key experiences and deriving some sort of insight or learning from it.

I’ve chosen to learn to focus my experiences and thoughts in several articles and compose them on my iPhone and schedule the publishing.

I didn’t write much before either because I was too preoccupied with daily activities or I was not sure what to write because the experiences felt too raw and I was not in the mind state to process them as I do now and articulate them on my blog.

I believe that being able to sift through the experiences and express them in a coherent manner is beneficial for blogging because in this manner, it has some sort of composition and point to each musing so that every topic shared would be digestible and hopefully, comprehensible.

I have a liking for very long rambling sentences which might not pass the muster of the grammar police but I feel that it relays my thoughts more effectively because life is not concise and straight to the point as we might hope it to be and I like that my sentences reflect how thoughts swim through our heads in a circular fashion or concurrently meet at the intersection of our mind and get linked together with each other to form what appears to be a whole.

Robin McKinley is my favourite fantasy fiction writer and I love how she writes incredibly long and flowing sentences which seem to flow from the mind straight to the page in a delightful and complex stream.

My daily blogging is essential to my mental health too because it allows me to express my innermost thoughts and opinions and make sense of daily occurrences. I am not given the opportunity to philosophise and verbally process the insights I derive and bring able to express it through writing feels fulfilling.

As an aspiring writer, I also get to practice stringing words together and enjoying how they come together beautifully and sometimes awkwardly. I have always been partial to the children and young adult fiction fantasy genre but my experience of sharing my thoughts daily has given me an appreciation for non-fiction.

Who knows what lies ahead? Meanwhile, I write, write, and write.

Writing in itself is a rewarding experience and I would continue to write even if no one gets to read what I write however, having readers appreciate and enjoy my writing is definitely more heartening and encouraging.

I would like to sincerely thank my readers and subscribers for allowing my words to grace their eyes, and hopefully and eventually their minds and hearts.

(c) Niconica 2013