It’s especially difficult to deal with a broken heart when you didn’t realise that you were in love in the first place. It’s that disorienting puzzlement over the fact that your supposedly well-built defense system which you have developed over the years has failed and did not even alert you until it’s too late and you have once again received the let’s just be friends speech and you are feeling because you wonder how many times you have to endure this from different people until you either find the right one or find the correct manner of disabling your heart or getting rid of it altogether.

How many times can one receive the let’s just be friends speech from different people and still maintain good self-esteem and the hope that one may actually be appealing to someone we fancy? Is there something that is suddenly repellent about ourselves or have we just lost our mojo and are simply good enough for being friendship material and nothing more.

There is no easy way to take rejection and the dizzying combination of anger, sadness, despair and sorrow don’t seem to alleviate the pain and there seems no easy way out but through it. And there’s that denial that one has really been rejected and there is that idiotic hope that perhaps the person will change their minds and invite us into their lives as their romantic partner.

However, reality bites and we must find a way to go through each painful moment and find a way to get through and get over the object of our affections which would include minimising or avoiding contact with them if we can muster up the courage to do so in order to make the ordeal less difficult.

No matter how old we get, broken hearts never seem to get easier to deal with. If only one can develop permanent armor for the heart, all might be well.

(c) Niconica 2013