As we gain in both years and experience, we eventually learn that romance is not and should not be a game. For whatever reason, some people might never outgrow the tendency to view people’s hearts as their personal playgrounds but people who have reached a certain age of maturity should and would realise that taking romance too lightly is not a prudent decision and is a waste of time–a precious commodity people cease to have when they enter the workforce and are focused on their careers.

At this point, romance becomes an afterthought and perhaps some may even take it for granted as an assumed eventuality and focus on their current goals. Any skill deteriorates with lack if practice and this also applies with negotiating precarious emotional waters. Yet sometimes we inadvertently find ourselves in a situation where our emotions have overtaken our better judgement and we find ourselves quite taken with a certain person and if it happens to be a friend, it becomes painfully clear when our interesr is unrequited but even more complicated and unpleasant when mixed signals are being sent and we are caught between elation at the hope of a mutual interest in each other and the fear of finding the truth and being rejected because we know that past a certain point, the friendship will not be sustainable or possible if the other party gives us the dreaded ‘I see you as only a friend” speech.

And so at this point when we are unable to squelch our attraction for the person and each of their gestures may be interpreted in the most positive and hopeful light which might not be accurate, there is no easy way to go back to the platonic state it was before the whole ambiguous interaction started because the person seemed to give signals which may indicate a certain degree of interest but which are vague enough to be able to disclaim as said or done in the spirit of friendship.

Beyond this point, we are aware that the truth will cut us loose from this excruciating and thrilling experience of hope, love, and fear intermingling; yet, we are unable to face the truth and ask straight out because we would rather prolong the confusing experience rather than find out the answer because we know that our feelings for the person has propelled us past the point of no return where if they do not return the affections, the hurt and the pain from the rejection would be too great that any semblance of friendship would be impossible to muster.

Yet, what are we to do? We cannot turn back time to remedy the situation so we stay here frozen and afraid of the answer which will come in due time and determine the fate of the friendship.

(c) Niconica 2013