There are situations when merely implying something is inapplicable, ineffective, and sometimes even completely counterproductive. As much as I am a fan of the written word and all the nuances and grace figures of speech bring, there are dimensions of personal face to face conversation which written communication falls short on and therefore written correspondence have a different format to spoken and personal communication.

There are people whom we may have an instant rapport with and a lot of the unsaid are not misinterpreted and the said are understood in the manner which they were intended most of the time. However, there are people whom we have to take a lot of effort to communicate with and sometimes it requires being literal with communicating which can feel awkward for people who are not used to being direct.

Having a literal conversation may feel like one is having a conversation with Seven of Nine of Star Trek Voyager. While Seven is undoubtedly one of my favourite characters, having the experience of conversing with someone who answers and reacts to interactions literally and don’t compute implications well can feel a bit strenuous when we are not our best.

Communicating in a direct and literal manner is positive in the sense to we learn to say exactly what we mean but it may also feel like we are taking an exam where we are composing an essay which we have to put so much thought into in order to convey the message clearly and concisely. When this conversation is held with a friend online without facial expression or nuances of speech, humor is harder to convey and it may feel like the fun in interacting is taken out of the equation.

Implications, hints, and being able to understand each other intuitively without having to precisely state and qualify oneself and relaying one’s implications are part of a natural and easygoing interaction and friendship with a person and without this, there feels like something is lacking and additionally, that the connection requires too much work and effort for the upkeep.

Misunderstandings and clarifications occur every once in awhile between friends and learning about each other’s nuances and adjusting to them are all part of the package. However, when implications are completely inapplicable, one may have to consider whether continued interaction is feasible for the long run.

(c) Niconica 201