It is tragic to observe that many atrocities and cruelties have been commited in the name of God. Without going into the crusades and the inquisition, I wish to discuss something a bit more concrete and contemporary–something which we see and experience in daily life.

There may only be a few lucky souls who do not have a self-righteous, narcissistic, and demanding friend or relative who is immensely religious and goes to church/mass/worship regularly and celebrates and follows all the religious feasts and traditions and yet cause people around them daily emotional, psychological, or physical pain.

When they go on their tirades, along with insulting or verbally abusing someone and expressing self-pity while praising their own so-called forebearance, they eventually invoke God and ask for His help or assistance in being patient or in disciplining a certain person whom they perceive as displeasing them or even going as far us asking God to serve justice which is code for punishment to their so-called tormentors (which is code for people who choose to not be at their beck and call or be at their mercy).

It is these people who undertake yearly or even more frequent pilgrimages to certain holy sites to make their wishes and pray for their own wants and needs to be fulfilled as well as not skipping a week of mass since they would flay anyone alive who would stand in the way of their holy activities. They are violently devoted to their religious pursuits and can be aggressive when provokes or challenge in this regard or other matters.

And I would like to put forward the question: What’s God got to do with it? God is often called during their spoiled plaintive cries whenever they don’t get their way irregardless if whether their wishes harm or inconvenience others. God does not have anything to do with selfish, harmful, and violent pursuits no matter how often his name is invoked or the bible is misquoted for these troubled characters’ own ends.

They should keep God out of the discussion when they are engaged in any manner of negative speech, thought, or action because God has nothing to do with such manner of activities. God does not exist to serve these individuals’ own selfish and self-serving ends and it would behoove these characters to stop dragging him into the picture because in this manner, despite their fanatic devotion to religious pursuits, they demean God and use him as a tool to gain their own ends. To put it in a more contemporary frame of reference, they are name-dropping and using God’s name as a means to an end.

God is not a tool to be shaped or configured to serve one’s own purpose and it’s incredibly sad that people misconstrue the references to His goodness as a license to do whatever they want since they assume He will understand and they misinterpret the descriptions of His greatness as an avenue to have their wishes granted as though He was their personal genie.

Rampant consumerism and advancing technologies have muddled our brains and caused us to view God as a product which we can use to make threats to other people with or invoke to make a point as well as seeing Him as a customisable and upgradable concept which we can tailor fit to what shade of right and wrong we have decided for that moment to suit our fancy.

We place all the expectations on the concept of God and conveniently use Him as a scapegoat for many things and at the cost of our soul. Without looking at our selves as to how we have benefited or served others that day, we so not think twice about asking God to benefit and serve us.

Each time a person “of faith and religious conviction” utters harmful speech, engages in wrongful action, and indulges in a negative thought, God is out of the picture and has nothing to do with it and it would behoove these individuals to not drag him into the discussion when they are merely advancing their own manipulative ends. It would also pay to considers whether they can truly call themselves believers when they advertently or inadvertently cause pain and harm to others, because God should not be a convenient concept or tool to be set aside during certain times and used during other circumstances.

Each time a person invokes the names and teachings of God in a manner which causes pain, harm, misery, and/or negativity to others, consider whether this is indeed a behaviour befitting of a so-called believer and furthermore consider whether God really has anything to do with this manipulative persons aim because, as we are often reminded, the devil can quote the words of the scripture to advance his own ends.

(c) Niconica 2013