With perhaps very few exceptions, everyone has something wrong with them and is unhappy about something. Life is not perfect and it is unrealistic for us to think we can be perfect, however, there is no harm in trying to be the best person one can be despite personal challenges.

There are people who are less emotionally damaged and seem to find equilibrium despite the ever changing circumstances they find themselves faced with, and as for others who are not so lucky, life seems to cause daily suffering, anger, and fear and a whole slew of negative emotions.

Other people might be more psychologically fit, but there is no shame in stepping up and admitting that we may not be as well-adjusted as they are through no fault of ours. No one chooses to be less equipped to face life’s struggles nor does one choose the enormity of the trials which may break even the sturdiest of us.

Before we reach the breaking point and experience a nervous breakdown, we must find the courage within ourselves to seek help since we would know better than anyone when we feel that we cannot carry the burden anymore.

The first step might be to open up to a trusted confidant, however we must be aware that they may not be equipped to address the situation depending on its gravity despite their best intentions and willingness to listen.

Sometimes, it behooves us to take the more appropriate step and seek professional help with a psychologist or a psychiatrist because in doing so, it does not mean we have failed or let anyone down, not is it something to be ashamed about because we were never taught the basics of psychological and mental health to start with, we had to go through everything blindly through a process of trial and error and is it a wonder that half of the population muddles through by happenstance and the other half does not fare so well.

In a sense the whole social, educational and family system have set us up with a big gamble where the probability of failure is at least fifty percent because we have not been equipped with how to cope and were expected to wing it. Kudos to the ones who were able to survive and even thrive through the chaos, but what about the rest of us?

It does not go to say that the stigma of seeking professional help has disappeared so keeping one’s visits to the therapist may be kept quiet but it would be good if a few trusted people were aware of it so they may be able to offer support and encouragement through the experience.

It also needs to be said that one’s expectations when seeking professional help may need to be tempered by reality and there will be no miraculous solution in taking this step. Like everything else in life, there are no real quick fixes and it takes determination, hard work, and perseverance it get through whatever challenges one might be facing, including finding the right therapist of oneself.

The road to recovery may be long but it starts with the first step of finding the courage within oneself to seek help when it is needed and this starts with firstly having the courage to be honest with oneself.

(c) Niconica 2013