There are families which perhaps less of the destructive and dysfunctional structures which bring about chaotic and disruptive individuals and interactions; however, those families would be more of the exception rather than the rule.

Without an emphasis on mental health and psychological balance, individuals develop their emotional set-ups reactively and would not know where to begin to calm their own minds and emotions enough to raise stable children and families.

It is within this melee of reactive behavior and instinctive emotion interaction most family dynamics occur by happenstance with no order or discipline, various personalities collide and interact with one another and produce destructive consequences for themselves and others. Without stable individuals, there will be no emotionally balanced families, and consequently resulting in a precariously volatile and unstable and irrational structure which exist presently.

If families were effective and harmonious, the individuals it produces would be constructive members of society who would then go on to compose, develop, and improve a progressive and positive community dynamic. The chaos and negativity present in the world now is proof positive that the family structures are not effective nor conducive in raising mentally balanced members of society.

If within a small system as the family there cannot exist true cooperation and understanding, what hope is there of reaching a global accord and a meeting of the minds. In this light, we must seriously consider the adding of psychological/emotional education in the curriculum and it be emphasised as equally important as physical education or sciences and maths because all intellectual achievements are meaningless when we are unhappy or even worse, unhappy enough to cause others pain.

There is no value in intellectual achievements when the welfare of the greater good is sacrificed and during many circumstances, many leaders make decisions which make one wonder whether they have been brought up well or whether their primary caregivers (usually the parents) did not know better.

It all starts on the level of the family and simply having the ability to procreate does not mean that people deserve to do so and start a family if they are going to ignorantly inflict psychological duress on their offspring and indirectly harm their future generations.

Much change is needed to improve the current destructive and dysfunctional family situations and most likely the members of the family are not pleased and would not choose a disharmonious situation if they knew better so emotional and psychological counselling and education should be seriously considered and implemented for the true greater good of our global society.

(c) Niconica 2013