There is a certain satisfaction in perusing through the random selections in pre-loved bookshops which is akin to attempting a treasure hunt where one may or may not find the gems one is searching for or perhaps coming across a title which one did not know one was looking for and discovering a whole new selection of pre-loved book choices.

These bookshops contain various books which may be out of print already and have a more random selection of books than is carried by mainstream bookstores which carry new titles or new reprints. The dimension which pre-loved books add to a booklover’s experience is invaluable and the quiet moments spent looking through the titles and skimming the contents to check whether one would be purchasing them are precious.

Books allow different perspectives and various bodies of knowledge to be accessible to a person without the person needing to actually experience them or take the effort to travel. It is a kind of soft adventure which allows us to be able to access a myriad of experiences with a sense of immersion without being completely involved and this is the web of psychological safety which allow us to open our eyes and enjoy a limited sort of thrill while at the time time allowing the written contexts to entertain, impact, or influence is directly or indirectly.

The printed forms of books may soon be rarer due to ecological reasons since we are more aware that inumberable trees are being felled to feed our appetite for the written word yet books and writing will continue to thrive through electronic mediums and allow more people access to more stories and information they chose to without leaving a huge carbon footprint.

These are exciting times indeed and perhaps the gradual phasing out of printed books would cause pre-loved books to be more valued and cherished since people would be involved in sharing and passing forward their books so that others may also enjoy them at less impact on the planetary ecosystem.

(c) Niconica 201