A lot of time is wasted when humans search for diversions, not to mention the missteps and misdeeds commited on the way to seeking distractions and this time could be better spent on charity projects and volunteering for a worthy cause.

To people who have time, being able to share one’s energy in actively benefitting others is a worthy hobby. To people who lack time but are willing to share resources, giving to one’s chosen cause can enrich one’s spirit. We do not typically view charity activities among the list of activities when we seek a hobby but I daresat that it is a worthwhile hobby which should be seriously considered by anyone who wishes to indulge in hobbies.

It need not be a huge endeavour amounting to large quantities of money but merely a sincere effort to be of benefit to one’s chosen cause and in this manner we feel less helpless because no matter how much trials we come across, we realise that we still have the capability to assist others in some way because no matter how bad our situation is we become aware of others who are in worst positions and it jogs is out of our habitual self-centred preoccupation with our own selfish wants and needs.

It also connects us to others in an unseen manner because we realise that we are all interconnected inhabitants of this world and we must develop compassion for others not merely as a self-righteous ideal but because on benefitting others we are benefitting ourselves by gradually clearing the debris in our soul and becoming better people one small step at a time.

(c) Niconica 2013