As a fan and regular viewer of the history channel, I have come across many of its programs these past few months and the History Channel special Mankind The History of All of Us is a very unique and ambitious six part miniseries which chronicles our intricate global history from the very beginning to the present day providing the insights of hindsight along the way.

It’s an interesting perspective to view global history from our currency perspective and see humanity’s monumental triumphs and failures as well as the pivotal decisions and key people who helped shape the development and direction of mankind in wilful, surprising, and/or accidental ways.

It should not be viewed merely as interesting entertainment even if the show is presented in cinematic documentary and unfolds with the natrator’s skill full storytelling, it should also be viewed as both a cautionary tale and a source of inspiration where we should avoid the mistakes of the past with the thought that forewarned is forearmed however we must also draw strength from the monumental and sometimes miraculous triumphs along the way and allow it to inspire us to undertake great ventures which would benefit the greater good in a manner which considers the diversity and perspective of all and not merely one’s own since the stringent adherence to our own perspective without considering other’s interests while claiming our own views benefit others and imposing it upon others have repeatedly caused more grief through time.

The Mankind series is a very educational and interesting program which provides a massive bird’s eye view balanced by close-ups on global history’s key moments and game changers.

Positively epic!

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