The reason why we feel unsatisfied even after we seek forgiveness is because what we are looking for is not actually forgiveness but absolution. And the reason why life continuous to frustrate us is because there is no such thing as absolution in the ultimate sense and this is why no real absolution that can be derived through the means we employ to bring it about through a few words from an authority figure who is fallibly human whether or not it is admitted and even the person whom we have committed a grievous act towards has no capability to absolve us, even if they might forgive. More so, it would be ridiculous to think that absolving ourselves can provide any real release from the consequences of our actions in the karmic sense which is what ultimately matters despite the self-soothing and self-deceiving psychological reprieve we may administer to ourselves to be able to cope.

Forgiveness is achievable and as long as this is the end we are really hoping for, all is well as along as we do not confuse it with absolution. A person may forgive us for what we have done to them but the karmic results still exist and we would still have to experience the consequences of our actions no matter how we choose to comfort ourselves with white lies and ideals.

Every single act committed requires energy and would logically be encompassed under the laws of physics, one of which is that every single action has an equal and opposite reaction. The opposite reaction does not cease to exist merely because we seek forgiveness which does not mean that seeking forgiveness is a moot point merely because there is no absolution to be gained. Remorse is essential towards contributing to our future well-being so that we may be more inclined towards not making the same mistakes though it is no guarantee since human stupidity knows no bounds.

Seeking forgiveness in a sincere manner provides subtle rewards to our psyche whether or not forgiveness is given by the other party, the humbleness we express will bring us to a new perspective and state of mind. If we seek forgiveness for the sole condition of being forgiven, we have missed the point completely. In expecting something in return, we cheat ourselves of the true essence of remorse and seeking forgiveness.

In saying all this, all is not lost, since another law of physics stated that energy cannot be destroyed but instead it can only be converted. It applies to the consequences of our actions which may be converted to less dire predicaments if we actively take positive remedial action which includes doing good deeds and helping others in order to offset and perhaps convert the consequences we shall soon face into smaller, bearable quantities and intervals since it cannot be eradicated in the ultimate sense by mere words and empty gestures from a fellow human being, no matter how high ranking.

It behooves is to consider our every thought and actions before we undertake them and ask ourselves whether we are willing or capable of living with the consequences… Perhaps in this manner, we may learn to develop some sense of true responsibility and genuine ownership of ourselves–our every thought, word, and deed. And perhaps, we might have a chance of becoming better people and develop
a better society not only for ourselves but for our future generations.

(c) Niconica 2013