Beautiful Creatures has been hyped up so much that it reminded me of the overly popularised Twilight series that I would not have gone to see the movie on my own volition. Without knowing anything about it and just going by the title, I thought it was a zombie movie adapted from a book. It isn’t. It’s a witch/witchcraft teen love story.

When I accompanied my friend to watch it, I discovered it was The Craft meets Romeo and Juliet. It was interesting and there were some big names who played some of the key roles despite the fact that the two leads are relatively new actors.

For some reason, I found that I enjoyed the diversion it created for me and I was drawn into the world of Beautiful Creatures. I was intrigued enough to consult Wikipedia and learn that the books were written by two authors collaborating and this is the first instalment of four books.

The premise of teens being thrown on the midst of supernatural beings has been overdone but Beautiful Creatures offers an interesting and relatively fresh take on the intricate world of the age old battle between good and evil supernatural forces.

I have not read the book yet (and still have not decided whether to do so) so I cannot comment whether the movie represented the depth of the original book adequately or whether the original book has depth to speak of. I have yet to decide whether to read all the books in the quartet or remain blissfully unaware until the next movie comes out.

If I do decide to proceed and read the books, I will let you know. I admit, I was surprised that I enjoyed Beautiful Creatures and it was a pleasant feeling to find something diverting amidst the sea of cliches and mind-numbing worldwide popular culture vampire and zombie obsession.

May we continue to come upon books and movies which offer a refreshing tweak to popularly accepted ideas, or even better, a completely novel perspective.

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