Why does it feel that a lot of the facets of life involve a lot of trial and error which further emphasizes that it involves taking our chances even if we have prepared for whatever endeavor we choose to take.

With the outcome being uncertain albeit preparation and careful study, it then behooves us to tilt the winds in our favor as much as we can by considering all the factors and perspectives and careful study of the elements in play which are relatively controllable.

Trial and error does not give us an excuse to take random shots and take a gamble on the situation in a careless, lazy, and flippant manner. It exists to urge us to be aware of the many uncertainties in the situation and encourages us to attempt to sway the chances in our direction by making as many of the factors involved clearer and finite so that we leave less to the whims of fate (or our own haphazardness).

We cannot always blame destiny for our own laziness and carelessness. More often than we think, we give destiny a push towards a certain direction through our action or inaction.

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