Now that people are getting used to reading newspapers and books online or on e-readers or their smartphones, it begs the question whether paper is on the way out. Watching a documentary on the History Channel featuring the huge newspaper printing press, I can’t help but wonder whether this invention pioneered by Gutenberg all those years ago would go the way of the now barely seen or used typewriters.

Would there come a time that the huge building which houses one of the biggest printing machines which churn out the dailies instead come to house huge computer servers which would hold the data for the daily events uploaded onto the e-newspaper? There is undeniable pressure from the eco-friendly movements to stop chopping down trees to make paper and as the populations keep growing, there is just so much recycled paper that can go around.

What about the huge logistics network for distribution of printed dailies and magazines? What’s to become of them? I think we stand at the brink of huge and progressive changes in the landscape of printed media and its related industries as we balance increased demand for speed of information delivery with our reading habits while considering the long term ecological impact and repercussions.

(c) Niconica 2013