As much as I love books, I hardly get the time to go to bookstores and peruse the selections–especially the selections at the Fully Booked High Street branch which carries a wide selection of books. Having said that, I think that it could benefit from carrying an even wider selection since not all of the books I’m searching for are available there and I usually resort to purchasing them from Amazon in Kindle edition to be able to satisfy my hunger for these books.

There is a certain satisfaction I derive from discovering an author and devouring all of the author’s books simply because I feel that their writing satisfies my spirit. I prefer to go through a whole slew of titles from the same author than from jumping from one random title/author to another. However, there have been very few writers whose entire body of work has caught me in its grips.

Among the few whose writings I’ve been obsessed with reading (and I have read them all) are Robin McKinley and Judith McNaught for the fiction genre and for the non-fiction genre, the last obsession I had a few years ago was with all of Dolores Cannon’s books and I’ve read all of them aleady and am eagerly awaiting the next one, same goes for Robin McKinley and Judith McNaught.

During the times when I am searching for the next set of books to be passionately interested in, I have a whole pile of books I tackle and read, jumping from one to the other as I please and eventually finishing one or the other eventually. It’s not the same feeling though to be completely absorbed by a certain set of books and feel the inclination to read all of them since they would contain related topics as given by the same author.

Enter the Seth books by Jane Roberts and I find myself enjoying them very much. I’ve encountered them in the past and have leafed through them in bookstores but have not felt drawn to them until recently and now that I have finished reading Seth Speaks, it leaves me wanting more, more, and more. It has opened up a whole new world for me and I’m currently reading the Seth Book The Nature of the Psyche by Jane Roberts and cannot wait to read more if not all of her writing.

It’s interesting that I’ve come across these books several times in the past years but it never seemed to resonate with me as it does now. I wonder of it’s perhaps I’ve been vegetarian for almost ten months now and it perhaps has caused my energy and perception to shift somehow and vibrate on a different level and attract different things than before.

The books were written during the late 1960s and 70s so they gave been around for a while and I remember I’ve encountered them several times through the past decade and skimming through the pages and feeling so uninterested that the words barely registered.

However now, it’s a whole different experience altogether. The words in the book are insightful and feel timely. They do not come across as old-fashioned or dated. I feel that the messages in the books are amazing and I look forward learning more from Seth.

(c) Niconica 2013