Prom (Movie) 2011

I simply had to put the fact that this Disney movie came out in 2011, not in the 90s or 80s even as the lighting and cinematography with the nostalgic feel would suggest and this is to Prom‘s credit. The remarkable lack of technology (mobile phones, iPods, laptops) featured in the movie is reminiscent of the good old days of storytelling which focuses on the characters and the simple coming-of-age storyline.

I applaud Disney for choosing to come out with a good old-fashioned feel-good teen romance. In an age where we cannot help but check for the presence of Wi-Fi connection and update our Facebook page, or check our mobile phones for SMS messages, it is indeed refreshing to see a modern movie which can do without the trappings of technology and the fast-paced world where teens are portrayed (and are) fully made-up all the time and as vain as can be.

There is a charming unassuming attitude with the wardrobe and make-up of Prom which contributes to the lack of artificiality and theatrics which seem to be very common with teen/tween chick flicks of the recent decade.

I read critics rate the movie as average or less, and I suspect that it might be because of the straightforward and uncomplicated storyline. I disagree. I feel inundated by the complex and convoluted story lines of the present and welcome this refreshing and rustic tale–it’s a good ol’ feel good movie which if it was shown in the 80s would be considered one of the classic tween favourites.

Sometimes, a movie doesn’t have to be that intricate to work. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. In this crazy, increasingly stressful world, sometimes, when relayed in an effective manner, the coming-of-age boy meets girl story is enough. And, this is the case with Prom.

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