So the world did not end this 2012 and I suspect the people who have been looking forward to this event or otherwise making a big deal out of it might be disappointed, and should feel a little bit chastised for getting carried away by mass hysteria caused by misinterpretation or over-extrapolation of the Mayan Prophecies.

Since this event has not occurred, it behooves us not to merely breathe a sigh of relief (or disappointment) and move on with our lives but to actually think about what we can do to make our existence here more meaningful and not merely passing time and marking the days of our calendar, eating, sleeping, and getting older.

The world did not end, but it does not mean that everything is all peaches and cream now that the ‘worst’ has not happened. There are a lot of negative things present in the world which we can do something about and it might be more productive to view the world with fresh eyes and ask ourselves what we can do to make our existence count–charity work perhaps or organising a fundraiser?

The world not ending does not give us the go signal to further indulge in our own desires and our selfish wants and needs, as the wave of relief washes over us that we still have more time here. It simply means that we have given a chance to make a difference, look at society and our fellow human beings with fresh eyes, and think about what we can do to make each day truly count–not for ourselves, but for the world at large.

(c) Niconica 2013