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I was looking for books about the afterlife, death, and grieving and somewhere along the way, Journey of Souls popped up and I was intrigued. I had been starting to think that there were not many books which would really capture my fancy already in this genre and this book is a cross between afterlife and past life topics.

The format of this book included narration and transcripts and for some reason, it works; similar to how it works for Dolores Cannon books. I’m not sure why it didn’t work as seamlessly with Miracles Happen by Brian Weiss, which is nonetheless a good read.

I have been rather captured by the metaphysical genre for a while now and the knowledge shared by authors such as Michael Newton, Ph.d. in the form of information gathered through hypnotherapy combines research with storytelling which works with topics which discuss past lives, life in between lives, the afterlife, death, dimensions, parallel lives, the soul, guides, and alternate realities.

I rather wonder why I have not come across Journey of Souls before, and I recommend it to anyone who is open and curious about reincarnation and our lives as souls in between lives.  Packed with a lot of Newton’s case studies, it is informative, entertaining, and insightful. (It almost tempts me to learn hypnotherapy myself.)

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ImageThis book contains a hefty amount of stories which fill our soul with wonder about the possibilities which are not immediately apparent and give us a sense that, as per the title, miracles indeed do happen.  I like the fact that this book contains a lot of stories–more than the average–and give us the Dr. Brian Weiss stories we enjoy learning and hearing about, I just wish that the format was more similar to his previous books instead of the current format which contains article type inserts in the form of letters from the readers.  I theoretically understand how having the letters of his readers/student/followers in the book would add a personal touch to it however, for some strange reason, I prefer it to be in the format where Dr. Weiss relates the stories to us from his point of view similar to Through Time into Healing or Many Lives, Many Masters.  This is, of course, just a matter of preference in terms of formatting and does not in any way detract from the content and substance of the book which I could barely put down.  I always enjoy books by Brian Weiss and look forward to more hefty volumes such as Miracles Happen which is filled with rich personal experiences and information.

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