There have been rebound relationships which have worked out, but they are few and far between. Most rebound relationships crash and burn painfully. Warnings should be issued to anyone embarking on a rebound relationship.

Chances are, when you are on a rebound, you are still smarting from the previous relationship and mired in unresolved issues that you are not thinking straight, no matter how much you claim to be over the previous partner and claim to be ready for this new one.

On the other hand, if you are the person attempting to get into a relationship with a person on the rebound, you should think twice about what you are getting yourself in for because you might end up paying for the sins of the previous partner.

Unresolved issues and unresolved feelings from a precious relationship becomes toxic for the rebound relationship when there has not been enough time for the person on the rebound to heal from the wounds and let go of the past.

Timing is everything and this very crucial factor could be what makes or breaks an otherwise workable relationship. Developing and maintaining a friendship with the potential partner is a good idea during the mourning period of the previous relationship.

This breathing period is crucial to the well-being of the upcoming relationship. The important step of taking it slow and allowing the newly single person to collect themselves, heal, and prepare themselves could make or break the forthcoming relationship.

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