My grandmother passed away last month and it was an event which spurred me to read and research on different topics which relate to death, dying, afterlife, and past lives. I had been previously interested in these topics but only now during the period of grieving do I find myself singlemindedly searching for books on these topics to cope with the loss.

Out of all the topics, I find myself particularly drawn towards topics which have to do with narratives of actual cases of past life regressions as documented by hypnotherapist and psychiatrists or past life readings as reported by psychics. There is something about the topic of past lives which really speak to me at this moment in time and I’m really enjoying reading about them.

It’s good that books are now available on Kindle and can be purchased with one click because of the limited titles available locally. I still prefer physical books over ebooks and I admit to enjoy the smell of the newly printed pages upon opening a well-sealed new book. I enjoy pre-loved books too because of the solid feel of turning the pages and being able to bring books around but will settle for kindle books due to the sheer range of titles available.

It’s just disappointing at times when the prices of the kindle books are equal or greater than the printed books and I purchase it but without the physical book to show for it–however I suppose it does save a lot of trees and this can be my consolation as I continue to search for books on Amazon about past lives. I would probably purchase more books if the amazon iPhone app was equipped with the “buy with 1-click” option.

However, I digress. Back to the topic, I don’t know why reincarnation and karma is drawing me at this point. All I know is that for some reason I’m obsessed with this topic right now and intend to read as much as I can on the topic.

I’ve managed to locate a few interesting books on past lives and will be posting reviews on them here. Stay tuned.

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