Akashic Records by Lois Wetzel is a lovely and insightful read and I recommend this book to everyone. Whether you are a spiritual seeker or just curious, this book provides a glimpse into the relevance and impact of past lives on our present lives and perhaps even our future lives. It gives us reason to believe that complicated and sometimes unexplainable relationship dynamics exist because of a cause which is not immediately apparent to us because it stems from our previous existences. It causes us to rethink our current entanglements and consider compassion and forgiveness as a wise way to dissolve previous negative karma and prevent future unpleasant interactions with people wh we had developed a pattern of negative interactions with through a series of lifetimes. These accounts also causes us to view our current relationships and difficulties in a new light and makes a serious case for being able to be more loving, compassionate, and positive–most especially in situations where being all these is most difficult so that our soul may be able to move forward in its evolution.

A remarkable, insightful, and wonderful read.

(c) Niconica 2012