For the longest time I’ve wanted to be vegetarian and thankfully I was successfully able to commit to it this year. I don’t take commitments lightly which accounted for my delay in becoming vegetarian. I was simply unsure whether I would be able to live up to resisting my previous favorite dishes. I was not sure whether I would be strong enough to let go of my attachments to consuming meat and seafood and whether I would be able to overcome my desire for the delicious dishes I have been so accustomed to ingesting.

I have now been vegetarian for almost four months and was flexitarian for a couple if months prior to that and had for almost 10 years not taken any red meat. As a creature of habit who enjoys food very much, this life change is not an easy decision to make and really required serious motivation to do so.

I’m still adjusting to it and do feel energetically lighter, though I get hungry more easily because digestion is quicker. As someone who is into spirituality and metaphysics, I feel that vegetarianism is a worthy lifestyle though it needs to be entered into with careful nutritional consideration and perhaps the support of food supplements to be able to meet all the body’s nutritional requirements.

Just like all commitments, it’s not always blue skies… There are ups and downs along the path and I suspect there would be more realizations and adjustments along the way but I am glad to be able to be on this path which creates causes for long life.

Ingesting corpses of other living brings includes ingesting the energy of their distress upon being slaughtered for their meat. The toxins they release upon their passing cannot be good for our health, even if it tastes good. However, being able to overcome our desire for delicious food is not an easy feat and a constant renewal of our commitment to being vegetarian becomes the challenge during this initial period. All change requires a period of adjustment and as long as we keep our eye on the rewards of being vegetarian, it is ultimately worth the effort.

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