Learn Chinese with the iPhone Chinese Phonetics App

Learn how to pronounce Chinese consonants and vowels through the iPhone Chinese Phonetics App. It has both the traditional Chinese ‘alphabet’ as well as the modern westernized Chinese ‘alphabet’ accompanied by an audio of how each letter is pronounced. It also provides the different tones coupled by the different applicable syllables with the audio output of how each syllable is supposed to sound.

It’s a very functional app packed with a lot of content–all the basics for Mandarin Chinese phonetics. There is an interesting section called “Practice Exercises” in the app where you may listen to the word, then record your answer, and playback your answer to be able to compare it to the original audio of the word to see if you got it right.

If only there were these apps available when I was growing up and learning the fundamentals of pronouncing and speaking Chinese.

(c) Niconica 2012