I thought Off The Map was going to be just another medical drama on TV. It’s hard to beat Grey’s Anatomy or House MD which seem to have cornered the market on medical-themed drama. I don’t think the Off The Map quite beats another of them but it seems to be a self-sufficient and interesting series which stands on it’s own feet. The characters are interesting and the plot lends itself well to the chosen settings and characters. It’s not dark or intense like House and it’s not a big complicated series of love stories like Grey’s Anatomy. It does bear some resemblance to GA more than Hpuse because Off The Map has the same executive producers as GA however it holds its own due to the setting of the medical practice in the jungles of South America which presents its own unique set of challenges and adventures and with this unique setting, the characters unfold and grow. I enjoy watching Off The Map and I look forward to Season Two.

(c) Niconica 2012