Attraction to a person can be argued to be an involuntary function of the body whereby its cause can either be biological-psychological or karmic. It does not make any sense because the attraction is formed in an instant with what appears to be superficial reasons. Our emotions then tend to overwhelm our reason and we get drawn into the flames of infatuation.

Whilst watching this all-encompassing infatuation play out on the big screen is amusing, it does not always pay off to emulate the dramatic impulsivity in real life because more often than not, the flames tend to burn us–to a crisp, if we are not careful. We try to backpedal and talk ourselves out of indulging in our feelings and it becomes a frustrating process because humans seem to be more emotional than logical at the best of times, what more when something is at stake.

If we have acquired significant romantic experience and learned from it somehow, we would realise that these forays into dating yield more unpleasant results than our hoped-for fairy tale conclusions. It behooves us to consider all the factors involved closely before jumping headlong into a romantic entanglement with a person wh we had just met and do not know too much about except that we fancy them because appearances deceive in the grandest of ways.

If there are warning signs lighting the path, we must consider them seriously because they exist for a reason. More often than not, the warning signs don’t count for anything when we are intensely set on a certain person and we are drawn to see the situation to its culmination be it positive or negative. This has happened to the best of us and we end up hoping and praying that we come through the flames alive somehow. Here’s to hoping.

(c) Niconica 2012