Chronic misunderstandings within a relationship be it a friendship or a romantic relationship can be a symptom of an underlying incompatibility and it must be taken seriously.

During the first few manifestations of discord, we must pay attention to our communication styles and try to achieve some sort of understanding of the other person and the matter at hand and work towards an amicable resolution.

During the next few times arguments or misunderstandings occur, we must still seek to understand the other person’s perspective and examine whether we have neglected to see their point of view and endeavor to achieve harmony.

However, when it has been going on far too long and far too often, it’s time to realize that there might be some fundamental incompatibility present which gives rise to differences which are not necessarily irreconcilable but difficult to reconcile.

It might be at this point when we have to seriously ask ourselves whether prolonging the relationship would cause more mutual harm than just detaching and letting go.

Sometimes it’s not because we don’t care about the person but it is precisely because we do care about them as well as ourselves that we decide to minimize harm and walk away.

(c) Niconica 2012