Every once in a while we meet a personage so great and so inspiring that it makes us examine our lives and if we are lucky we realize how frivolous we are and we reflect on our personal accountability to the well-being of the world at large.

It shouldn’t be simply myopically about ourselves and our selfish and trivial wants and needs. If we really want our lives to mean something then we have to make it matter through taking steps to be able to benefit all the beings populating our world.

We are accountable to our fellow human beings with how we use our mind because every single thought we harbor affects the fabric of reality and contributes to increasing positivity or negativity in the world. And when these energies increase we reach a critical mass, the results manifest consistently with the nature of what as been accumulated. Positivity produces miracles and blessings while negativity produces disasters and catastrophe.

Every single thought repeated in one’s mind repeatedly and habitually crystallizes and affects the quality of our mind and consequently the quality of our mind affects our words and actions and our words and actions can make or break another person’s feelings and the chain reaction continues until if affects more and more people and eventually the world at large.

We must hold ourselves accountable for what we produce with our body, speech, and mind because they matter and our faculties should not be employed recklessly without concern because we are all accountable to what happens to the world and it is beyond simply surviving and achieving temporary rewards.

(c) Niconica 2012