There is an age old adage which admonishes us to stop beating a dead horse which is to say that we must stop all futile attempts however in real life it’s easier said than done. We all tend to follow our habituations and attempt to do what another adage defines as insanity–doing the same thing and expecting different results.

It’s exponentially hard in the realm of romance when our better judgement is clouded by our desire for someone and we desperately want them to reciprocate our feelings for them. We tend to think that hard work would pay off but more often than not, it doesn’t work or is counter-productive. On the off chance that our persistence does reap rewards, the results might either be short-lived or half-baked-or both.

The key is being able to recognize a list cause and being able to conjure up the willpower to walk away from something or someone whom we really fancy and save ourselves the wastes time and effort. In order to stop beating a dead horse, so to speak, we must first recognize that the horse is indeed dead. Coming to this realization through the fog of our denial isn’t easy when we vehemently wish this were not the case. However, sooner or later the facts catch up with us and we must face reality and walk away from a hopeless situation.

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