Have you had that awkward moment where you realize that you perhaps feel more towards a friend than you should and suddenly you see them in a different light–a light which wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place?

It’s an awkward moment when our feelings go beyond what we expect and place us in a potentially painful situation especially when the person has clearly stated their intention to be merely friends with us.

We, of course, don’t let on that we feel the way we do towards them and proceed to maintain amicable relations while perhaps internally panicking and processing what can be done to deal with the situation especially when the other person’s stance appears to be quite fixed.

Perhaps we realize that we need to back off and let a bit more time pass for the awkwardness to wash off and perhaps it’s also because we would need to distance ourselves from someone whom we feel more for than we should.

Perhaps we might realize through several repeats of distancing ourselves and becoming close once again with the person who has caught our eye (and perhaps our heart) that we cannot handle being in contact with them anymore because it would get awkward at best and intensely painful at worst.

Perhaps what the awkward moment is telling us is that we can’t handle being just friends with someone whom we feel more for than they do for us. Perhaps it might be time to back off and let go.

(c) Niconica 2012