To paraphrase Proust, all our final decisions are made in a fleeting state of mind and it couldn’t be more true. We always think we know what we are about and something comes in and changes the equation completely.

We must be careful about stating things with finality because change is constant and we don’t know what the next few minutes, much less, the next few hours or days have in store for us.

We should stand firm with our decisions and by no means be flaky but at the same time, we must have the courage, vigilance, and openness to the possibility of adjusting our course and being more flexible to adapt to different circumstances.

The trouble with so-called final decisions is that they are never really set in stone because there is always a possibility that somewhere down the line we end up eating our words. Before that happens, we must be careful with what we say, lest we regret them and worst, have to backtrack and amend them because no one can really say what the future holds.

(c) Niconica 2012