I’m sure there are people who cherish dancing between the lines of vagueness and inconstancy but I do not think I would ever be one of those people who enjoy playful and excruciating uncertainty.

When dealing with people, I prefer for things to be straightforward and clear and yet when things which we don’t like to hear (also known as: rejection) are stated plain as day we also have a problem with it.

Theoretically, we like the terms of engagement and mechanics of the relationship to be put forward as plain as day but when they are, we might regret that we wanted things to be clear.

The idea of clear terms of engagement when we are in the stage of uncertainty and getting to know a potential love interest might be appealing but it sometimes can take the fun and interest out of the interaction; however, the guessing game can get old and we might be left wishing we had known sooner than later what we were up for.

(c) Niconica 2012